29. December 2020

New focus papers on DSSI and IMF forecasts out now


Focus paper 3: “A debt moratorium for whom?”

Focus-Paper-3-Moratorium-for-whom-CoverGiven that the G20 Debt Service Suspension Initiative (DSSI) currently is more or less the only group-wise debt relief initiative in the COVID19-context, and given that one of its most important limitations so far has not been resolved, which is the exclusion of many heavily indebted and corona-affected countries, we produced  new paper. It takes a look at the regions Central America and the Caribbean, with lots of countries excluded from the initiative and some that are included. It discusses ho

w the DSSI does not deliver on real debt relief needs due to its design and it offers suggestions for improvements to the G20 and other creditors. The paper is available here in English, Spanish and German:

Focus paper 4: “From growth optimism to a lost development decade”

Given the central role of IMF DSA’s in deciding on debt relief in the G20 Common Framework for Debt Treatments beyond the DSSI, in another paper, we analyse the IMF’s assumptions on economic growth during the pandemic and discuss the role of growth optimism in resolving debt crises in the past. It is available in English and German: