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The material you find here is part of our publication “Schuldenkrisen treffen Menschen” (“Debt crises affect people”), published in 2018. It was complemented in 2020 by four new activities on sovereign debt and climate change.


Brochure “Debt Crises Affect People” (2018)

The 44-page brochure (in German) contains 12 activities, targeted at pupils in secondary education (age 16 to 19 in Germany). It can also be used in extracurricular education.

The activities use different methods such as text analysis, an arithmetical problem, short films and role play, and vary in difficulty (easy, medium, challenging).

The material can be used in different school subjects, in particular economy, social science, social studies/politics and geography, but due to the different methods also in religion/ethics, history or mathematics.

Some of the activities have been translated into English (see below). If you are interested in having further activities translated into English or into other languages, please contact our education officer.

Activity 2: Public debt – why should I care?

Activity 3: Who owes what to whom?

Activity 5: Debt crises affect people

Materials required:

Activity 6: Making the voices of those who are affected heard

Materials required

Activity 7: Ghana – a model country forever?

Materials required:

Complementary material on sovereign debt and climate change (2020)


As part of our campaign “Climate justice needs debt relief”

Activity 13: Climate change and debt: Facts and figures (A four corners game)

Activity 14: Climate risk collides with debt crisis (World game)

Activity 15: Climate crises impact people (One step forward)

Activity 16: Zambia – Climate change amplifies debt crises (Mystery)




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