About us

The German jubilee network „erlassjahr.de / Jubilee Germany“ wants to achieve that more importance is attached to the living conditions of people in indebted countries than to the servicing of sovereign debt. At present, Jubilee Germany is supported by more than 500 organisations out of church, politics and civil society throughout Germany and is involved in a worldwide network of national and regional jubilee initiatives.

Jubilee Germany wants to achieve…

  • that poor countries can restructure their debt timely and orderly in a fair, sustainable and comprehensive way, when a debt crisis hits, instead of being at their creditors’ mercy
  • that odious debt, which is foreign debt that was created in disrespect of international law standards and frustrates the achievement of internationally agreed development goals, is being cancelled
  • that standards for responsible borrowing and lending are being developed and implemented to stipulate the shared responsibility of creditor and debtor